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You will get a unique blend of caring and education when working with our day care school.

Finding child care is no small feat. Whether you are looking for full or part time, day time or swing shift/night shift care, it can be hard to find a place your child will enjoy and that you will trust. If you are looking for a day care that will also provide meaningful educational opportunities, it can be even harder to find a day care school. When you are looking for an educational day care, you might be wondering where to turn! Finding a day care that will also work on basic educational principles in a fun and enjoyable manner is something that many parents, caregivers and guardians are concerned about in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. Here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we have a day care school that we are confident you will love and should come and see!

Day Care School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Founded and created by an experienced and licensed educator, our day care school offers learning lessons that are based on years of successful educational methods. We do not try to force every child to learn in the same way, but instead celebrate differences in each child’s learning styles and will tailor our lessons, methods and instructions to their needs. Filled with educators, caregivers and loving, caring individuals, you will love that our day care school leaves your child excited about education and spending time with us.

If you are looking for quality care as well as educational opportunities that will protect your children while helping to broaden their minds, we can assist you. For more information, please contact us today.

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