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Children who attend the learning center can gain confidence and feel comfortable trying new experiences.

Children learn at an incredibly rapid pace throughout the various developmental stages. An infant might learn through their senses, using their hands and eyes to explore the world around them. Older children often learn social cues by interacting with their peers. No matter what stage a child is in, it’s important to provide them with an atmosphere that promotes safe learning. At James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we focus on the importance of learning as we interact with each child in our care. We promote a safe and interactive atmosphere where children of all ages can learn and have fun while doing so.

Learning Center in Lexington, North Carolina

Our learning center is open to children of all ages. We have staff members who specialize in the various stages of development and can provide each child with what they need to grow and thrive. The founder of our learning center is a professional educator who has years of experience working in North Carolina’s public schools. She holds a state teaching license, as well as degrees in education and educational administration, so she understands the needs of children at all stages in life.

Children who attend the learning center can gain confidence and feel comfortable trying new experiences. Our staff members get to know each child in our care and perform regular assessments to ensure that they meet appropriate developmental milestones and receive the learning opportunities they need. When you need child are that exceeds expectations and benefits your children in a range of ways, bring them to our learning center, which is conveniently located for those in the Lexington, North Carolina area.

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