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We offer quality child care that works with any schedule.

You work hard to provide a good home for your child. But you can’t be there with them every hour of the day because of work and other obligations. Feel confident your child is in a safe, child-centered environment by enrolling them in our quality child care center in Lexington, North Carolina.

Quality Child Care in Lexington, North Carolina

At James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, providing quality child care is our primary purpose and goal. We genuinely love children of all ages and stages of life, and the care providers we hire are committed to providing a fun, safe environment for every child who comes to our center.

We believe children should have plenty of space to play during the day but that this playing should be geared toward education. Our emphasis on education ensures all children in our care learn necessary skills to be successful once they reach their school-age years. This focus on learning and play provides children with a strong foundation for successful learning in school as well as a foundation for success later on in adulthood.

Our quality child care center is open 24 hours a day. We realize not all parents work a 9-5 schedule, so we happily accommodate for unique schedules and overnight work. Come take a tour and see what our day care center has to offer – reach out to us today to schedule your tour or to find out more about our approach to providing a safe, comfortable, and happy environment for the children in our care.

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