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Get quality child care with our 24-hour daycare options.

When you are looking for daycare and child care, there are many options out there if you work regular business hours. However, if you have a more flexible schedule, work in an industry where you need to work swing shift or overnight hours, then your child care options can become drastically limited! Here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we want to help children of all ages and stages along with their parents who work different hours in the Clemmons, North Carolina area at our 24-hour daycare.

24-hour Daycare in Clemmons, North Carolina

Our 24-hour daycare provides the same quality childcare that you will get during regular business hours for your child. We want to provide an environment that is calming, comfortable and enjoyable for children who might need to spend their evenings or nights with us. Because our center is first and foremost a safe place for your children, then parents are able to leave for work at any time and know that their children are being cared for by trained and professional child care experts.

Founded by a professional, licensed and experienced educator, the love of teaching and children is evident throughout our 24-hour daycare. We work very hard to help each child feel special and unique while also ensuring they learn with us, no matter what time we are working with them. If you have questions about how we our 24-hour daycare can help your child, we would love to talk more with you! For more information about our hours of service, please give us a call today. We look forward to working with you and spending time with your child(ren).

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