Is a Learning Center Right for Your Child?

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When you are looking at child care options, you might notice that there are some key differences in child care. Some child care options are focused on social development and basic care needs over educational opportunities, while other centers focus so much on learning and education that they don’t leave time for free play and creativity. Here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we believe that we have achieved an ideal balance between educational opportunities and care for children in the area. Our learning center helps to give individualized care and growth opportunities for your child, and we want to help parents and guardians like yourself determine if a learning center like ours is right for your child. Consider these questions:

  • Does my child need additional educational assistance? There are some children that need assistance in learning certain skills. This does not mean that your child is not smart- it means that everyone develops at their own pace! If you have a child that could use some extra help in a certain area, a learning center can be very beneficial.

a learning center can be very beneficial

  • Will my child attend a preschool? Preschool can provide many advantages for young children. Learning looks different in a preschool than it does at a grade school, and a learning center can help you get the right balance between structured learning and play if your child is not attending a preschool.
  • Do I have access to books and toys at home? Many children get tired of their books and toys at home and revel in the novelty of different materials! If you only have access to a few different toys or books, don’t worry! A learning center can help provide your children with some different opportunities they will enjoy and that you will not have to purchase or store.

If you are looking for a place that can give your child some wonderful lessons on play, socialization and the fundamentals of educational practices, consider a learning center like ours! Contact us today to learn more.