Get Wonderful Child Care for Your Little Ones with These Tips! [infographic]

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Child care is an important concern for any parents or would-be parents. Whether you have one child or several, you just want them to be safe when they are not in your care. Finding child care that is safe, enjoyable, personalized and appropriate can be trying, but we here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care would like to help you. We offer wonderful child care options for your little ones, but we want to make sure every family finds the child care center that best suits their needs. These tips can help you in your search:

  • Visit the center beforehand. Take the time to properly tour a child care center before committing to enrolling your child. This is going to be a place where your child spends a lot of time, so asking for a thorough tour is recommended.
  • Bring a list of questions to ask the child care professionals. Going through the touring process can be stressful, and it’s not uncommon to forget to ask questions that you were thinking of during the tour. Instead, try bringing a list of concerns or questions that you would like answered to ensure that you come away with the information you need.

Get Wonderful Child Care for Your Little Ones with These Tips! [infographic]

  • Look for child care options that are run by professional educators. There is a difference between a care giver and a child care center that helps focus on learning strategies. Caregivers can be kind and compassionate, while child care centers that help learning can provide educational opportunities as well.
  • Ask how your child care providers would handle certain situations. Feeling comfortable with a care center is important to every parent. Ask about how your child care providers would handle situations such as arguing with other children, refusal to participate, hitting, potty training, and other important developmental steps.
  • Choose a child care center with excellent referrals. Finding a child care center that has excellent referrals can be helpful to new parents or parents that are new to the area. Ask friends, neighbors, or colleagues or read up on online postings to learn more about your desired child care center before touring.
  • Ask about licensure. Licensure is critical and should not be overlooked! Be sure to check the licensure yourself on your potential child care providers.
  • Choose a center that offers 24-hour options. Finding child care options when you work odd hours or do shift work can be very trying, especially if it is continuous. Choosing a child care center that offers 24-hour child care options can give you the peace of mind you require.

We hope that these tips for finding adequate child care have been helpful. If you are located near our center, we would love to speak with you about caring for your child. For more information, please contact us today!