4 Signs of a Quality Child Care Center [infographic]

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When you are looking for quality child care, you might feel anxious, nervous or worried about finding the right child care center for your child. Particularly if you are new to an area or if you are looking to find care for your first child, you might be struggling to determine what is best. Here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we want to help you find quality child care in your area. We believe that we provide excellent child care in our area and would like to help you if you are unable to attend our center. Here are a few signs of quality child care to seek out:

1.     Licensures. One of the first things you will want to seek out is the licensure of the center. Even at-home daycare options, which take place in a home over a center, should be licensed and willing to provide documentation.

quality child care center should be organized

2.     Policies and Procedures. Policies and procedures show that your child care center is prepared and will know what to do in case of emergency, illness, fires, disciplinary issues, etc. Take a look at their policies regarding certain events and determine if you are comfortable with subsequent steps.

3.     Organization. Children thrive on routines, which give them a sense of calmness and security. A quality child care center should be organized, comfortable, and accessible to all children.

4.     Cleanliness. A quality child care center will be clean and cleaned often! Children are not the best at washing their hands, sneezing into their elbow and are excellent at spreading germs. Ask about cleaning schedules when looking for child care!

4 Signs of a Quality Child Care Center

We hope that these tips will help you find a quality child care center. If you are in our area, we encourage you to check us out for wonderful and caring child care. Contact us today to learn more!