4 Questions to Ask Your Child Care Provider

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Choosing a child care provider is often competitive and frightening for many parents, especially if they are first-time parents! At James A. Coleman Learning Day Care, we strive to provide a safe, consistent, positive and enjoyable learning environment for the children that we care for, and we would love to help yours as well. If you are seeking out a child care provider and aren’t sure where to start, these questions can help you narrow down the options to find a good choice in your area:

1.   Can I see your licensure documentation? Finding a child care provider that is licensed is paramount and important. Licensed child care providers need to hold certain standards of cleanliness, educational standards, safety, etc. Unlicensed child care providers should be avoided.

Choosing a child care provider is often competitive

2.   What is your ratio of caregivers to children? This question is critical because too many children and not enough staff means that your child might not get the attention they need when they need it. Younger children (below age three) should have a ratio of around 1:4 with older children being closer to a 1:6 ratio.

3.   What would you do in x situation? Think up a few situations that you could see happening to you and ask what would happen in those situations. What if you got a flat tire? What if you were late picking up your child? What happens if another parent brings in a child who becomes ill? These policies should be written, and questions answered to your satisfaction.

4.   What are your rates? Finding a quality child care provider often means finding one that will work with your budget. Don’t be shy about asking for rates.

If you have questions about child care providers and would like to talk to our experts, please give us a call today.