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Because our approach is rooted in a love of children and education, you will love our daycare and learning options.

There are many things that are important when you are looking at your daycare options but finding a place where your children will be genuinely loved and also learn valuable lessons usually ranks at the top of a parent’s list of priorities. Here at James A. Coleman Learning Day Care in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we have a genuine love and affection for children of all ages and stages of life, and we would like nothing more than to use our gifts to help benefit your children when they are in our care.

Starting from a very young age, our founder, Tonya Colon, has had a passion for education as well as working with young children. She remarks that when she was a child, she used to play school, once teaching her younger cousin named David to write his name! The thrill she learned from imparting wisdom to another never left, and her father remarked that little Tonya had a gift. After becoming a teacher, Tonya worked as an educator for 19 years and was perplexed at how some children were slipping through the cracks. She was determined to start with younger children and decided to open up a daycare center where she could love children of all ages and work with emergent readers. When Tonya’s father passed in 2012, she wanted to honor him and his inspiring words that helped her spark a passion for education so many years ago, and in 2013, our learning center bearing his name was born.

Our love of education and children is paramount within the walls of our daycare and learning center, permeating throughout all that we do. To learn more about our methods, care options or to make an appointment to talk with us, we invite you to contact us today.